Tom Rolfstad

Venture Partner

Tom Rolfstad is CEO of The Rolfstad Group based in Williston, North Dakota. He has a strong background in agriculture, agricultural processing, manufacturing, developing major tourism destination attractions, numerous business parks, industrial parks, major rail facilities, telecommunications, banking, equity capital and finance.

He is known as “The Networker” and has assisted numerous investors, developers and businesses to gain success in the Bakken oil region and beyond.

Rolfstad is the outgoing Executive Director of Williston Economic Development. During his career, Williston was the fastest growing “Micropolitan Community” in the US three years in a row. Williston has experienced very rapid growth and development from the Bakken oil play that has moved North Dakota up from the 9th largest oil producer in the country to number 2.

Rolfstad is educated in architecture, city planning, real estate, and communications, has served on bank and telephone company boards, and has held personal investments in real estate, the stock market and oil and gas for over 30 years.

Rolfstad was recently named the “North Dakota Economic Developer of the Year” by Governor Jack Dalrymple.

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