Our story is not only about our company. It’s the story of the pioneering companies that have been built here. It is the story and the impact of global reach products invented, manufactured, and distributed in our great Prairie Provinces and Midwest States. It is the story of potential, of novel approach, of expertise, and of ground-breaking technologies to affect positive change in crucial industries. Our story revolves around our results for both our investors and our portfolio companies.

Funds LGAF 1, 2, and 3 and LGD funds: $20 million USD

LGI Canada and LGC funds: $75–100 million CDN Target

Region: Canada and upper Midwest

LP’s: Companies in this market seeking an external partner to develop new technologies, Crown Corps seeking to invest in technologies built in Canada, high net worth individuals, family offices, foundations in our region or institutional investors

Market Strategy

Where we play

Investing in known unmet market needs in agriculture, food, animal in the Midwest and Prairies of U.S. and Canada

How we win

We bring agriculture strategics who seek to innovate into the fund and the opportunity and build companies with market partners for less capital and increased speed to market.

Who we are

Our LPs are Angels, Strategics and Family Offices with demonstrated successes in operating and leading businesses in agriculture, food, animal and human health

Who we are not

Passive investors in mature companies

Our value proposition

Active operating and commercial roles in portfolio investments with Fund Partners and LPs for accelerating commercialization faster than other alternatives

Our History

Established in 2007 as the ag tech market began to form, Linn Grove recognized early on that the technology rich business environment of the prairie provinces and the Midwestern states will continue to excel in the healthcare, agriculture, food and animal health markets. By founding early stage companies and co-investing with others, LGI Canada established a strong investment portfolio first in the medical field and then in agricultural technology. We are proud to participate in continuing our regions rich history of world-class companies and innovation.

Our Value Proposition

Active operating and commercial roles in portfolio investments with Fund Partners, Advisors, and LPs for accelerating commercialization faster than other alternatives. Meet our management team and advisory members.

Management Team

Dan Hodgson Image

Dan Hodgson | Managing Partner

Winnipeg & Fargo

In 2007, Dan began organizing capital and experience in the Upper Midwest by organizing successful entrepreneurs into angel investor funds to build on the successful economy and innovation that was outperforming many other areas.

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John Hyshka Image

John Hyshka | Venture Partner


In 2016, John started Hyshka + Associates to help companies develop strategic plans and governance structures, raise capital, and do corporate development and licensing. He had clients ranging from food processors, natural product companies, biotechnology, medical device and technology platform companies and manufacturers.

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Dan Ellsworth Image

Dan Ellsworth | Venture Partner, CEO Fairona Animal Health, Board Chair, Ani-Logics

Dan is an accomplished Senior Executive and Thought Leader with more than 25 years of success in the animal health marketing, sales, distribution, and radio-frequency identification industries.

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Laurie Pare Image

Laurie Pare | Strategic Advisor


Laurie Pare joined the Investment Committee of Linn Grove Ventures in 2019. Laurie is a Canadian CPA based in Calgary Alberta who retired as a partner of PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP in 2007 after a 30 years career.

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Barb Gooch Image

Barb Gooch | Financial Services


Barbara Gooch serves as the Administrative Director for Linn Grove.

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John Oliver Image

John Oliver

Murray McLaughlin Image

Murray McLaughlin

Wilf Keller Image

Wilf Keller

Frank Hart Image

Frank Hart

John Oliver Image

Dr William Wilson

Murray McLaughlin Image

Edward McMillan

Wilf Keller Image

Dr Wayne Freese

Frank Hart Image

Dr Allan Cattanach

In Memorandum

Dennis O’Brien Image

Dennis O’Brien

Former Managing Partner 2017-2020

Passed Away May 9, 2020