Steve Polski

Managing Director of Linn Grove Ventures

Steve Polski joined Linn Grove Ventures in July of 2018 as a Managing Director. Steve is responsible for raising and deploying capital to deliver positive returns to its Limited Partners and sourcing new companies delivering solutions for “known” unmet needs in food, agriculture, human and animal health.

With over 30 years of experience as a global executive, Steve has led global functions and businesses for companies including Andersen Windows, Cargill and Enerfo USA. Steve’s unique perspective views supply chains from the voice of the customer – “Fork to Farm” versus “Farm to Fork” improving aligning and executing opportunities such as cost reduction, risk mitigation and brand differentiation in multi-stakeholder supply chains.

In 2015, Steve started up a joint business relationship with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Cargill to help global food and beverage producers reduce cost, mitigate risk and grow revenues while simultaneously improving brand and reputation. A short stint as COO of a Omaha based grain trading company, led him to Linn Grove Ventures.

A native of Saint Paul, MN, Steve earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from the University of Saint Thomas. Steve currently sits on the boards of Living Well Disability Services and Clean Energy Economy Minnesota and previously, Revolution Fuels and World CNG.

He lives outside of Saint Paul with his wife, Wendy and their 3 children.

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