Our Markets

We invest in innovative agriculture, food, health, and animal technologies and the companies transforming these industries at the global level. We are dedicated to a sustainable future through the advancement of healthcare, technology, and animal, plant and nutrition sciences.

Our Strategy

Linn Grove Ventures partners with compatible companies through evaluation of investment opportunity and business growth forecast. We are serious about the companies in our portfolio and leverage our experience, contacts, and industry knowledge to strategically manage growth. As an involved investor, we often take an integrative approach, actively collaborating with management teams or serving on company boards.

Our Investments

At LGV, we believe that certain factors improve the likelihood of success and we’re dedicated to selecting potential opportunities that meet our high standards.


Must address a large, growing, and/or underserved market and provide a product or service that isn’t easy replicable. We look for validated market demand and the potential to dominate market growth, IP, demonstrably superior technology, and evidence of product advancement.


We invest not only in innovation, but in the leadership structure of a company and their business model. This means quality people with aligned financial interests, a business strategy with a high probability of execution, and a well-defined path and timeline.


Our values are steeped in the Midwest and many of our investors are entrepreneurs who have built companies in the mid-continent region. We favor opportunities with a current footprint in our area, but consider the potential impact of locating/relocating, or manufacturing, researching, marketing, and distributing from the Midwestern region.

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