Next Healthcare

Innovator in cellular medicine

The mission of Next Healthcare is to be the world’s leading enabler of personalized regenerative medicine and related healthcare solutions. The company is determined to make a positive impact on healthcare and lead the charge into a new era of medicine with integrity and passion. Next Healthcare technology offers stem and skin cell banking services to the public allowing them the possibility of using their own cells to treat future disease and injury.

Virgin Plants

The gene that drives apomictic plant production

Committed to increasing crop production and innovation to help feed a growing population. Virgin Plants is an emerging plant genetics company devoted to bringing revolutionary science and technology to the marketplace. The company research in apomoxis has tremendous value and potential positive implications for global agriculture and agricultural innovation.


Industry leading IoT for agriculture

Farm with control. FarmQA provides state-of-the-art intelligence applications and centralized management to provide predictive control and visibility to food production. The company offers a suite of industry-leading applications and devices to help large-scale growers measure, analyze, adjust, and ultimately manage all aspects of the operation. FarmQA is based on mid-western values and the desire to use technology to enhance productivity, decrease waste, and provide sustainability.

Restoration Beef Company

Setting the precedent for regenerative beef

Restoration Beef Company puts a bold step forward, and will restore the full circle of beef production in the American West-coming from soil under working lands, into herds that graze them, then harvested in our state of the art Montanan processing facility. We are farmers, ranchers, and stakeholders, supporting practices that contribute to the longevity of working lands, cultivating a deeper connection to landscapes and communities around us. It’s our mission to full-fill customers’ unmet demand for a premium regenerative product, simultaneously increasing economic, ecological, and social resilience for current and future generations.

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