Dan Hodgson

Managing Partner of Linn Grove Ventures

Dan saw the opportunity to bring deeply experienced entrepreneurs in the region together to build a firm that invests in new technologies alongside cash efficient Midwest business models with access to markets and expertise, and founded LG Ventures. Linn Grove is a small town in Iowa where our founding investor, Dr James Carlson, grew up, and embodies rural, Midwestern innovation. Beginning in 2007, LGV was one of the first funds in ag, animal, and food following health care, and is deeply connected with the leaders in this market as well as globally.

Dan is passionate about technology and forming partnerships with tech-oriented companies to implement critical growth strategies. In his work at LGV, he emphasizes mutual trust and is highly regarded for his successful and profitable organization of entrepreneurs into angel funds.

Dan grew up on a farm in North Dakota raising animals and crops, and spent the first part of his career with an innovative food retailer. With deep experience in agriculture in the CIS countries through FarmQA, he is familiar to the distribution challenges and implementation difficulties that are the greatest barriers to investment in AgTech.

Dan serves on the boards of FarmQA, Virgin Plants, and Next Health Care.

Dan graduated from Bemidji State University with a BS in English. He lives in Fargo, ND with his family.

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