Dan Hodgson

Managing Partner

In 2007, Dan began organizing capital and experience in the Upper Midwest by organizing successful entrepreneurs into angel investor funds to build on the successful economy and innovation that was outperforming many other areas.

LG funds became one of the first funds in ag, animal, and food tech, beginning in health technology and looking to apply to bring efficiency to food production, building on the leadership in this market during the 90’s by the companies that have been built in this region.

As the ag, animal, food, and health tech market grew, more capital was organized on the coasts, those in the Midwest where production is based remained cautious about which technology would provide long term value that would be embraced by the labor force. The companies began making changes internally to prepare for a market with increased technology while continuing to struggle with labor force challenges.

In 2014, as the LG funds needed to decide when it was time to raise the next fund, and the ag/animal/food/ Dan partnered with experienced entrepreneurs to found FarmQA, to build an IOT platform for agriculture and lead in connecting to the sensors that would measure for increased process control, partnering with the top sensor companies in the space, the top investors in ag tech, and the largest production companies globally.

With deep experience in agriculture in the CIS countries through FarmQA, Dan is close to the distribution challenges and implementation challenges that are the greatest barriers to investment in this space.

He lives in Fargo, ND, with his wife, Sue, and has 2 married children with 5 grandchildren.

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