LGI Canada

We invest in technology companies solving unmet market needs in animal health and food markets.
  • natural alternatives to antibiotics for animal protein production
  • food safety solutions to eliminate pathogens
  • data solutions to improve crop production, fertilizer use, animal production management decisions
  • technology to improve indoor agriculture production
  • new block chain tools
  • improving yield of plants
  • improved plant proteins and applications (purity, taste, small, functional)
  • authentomics/eliminating food fraud
  • extracting high value products from commodity crops
  • clean label opportunities
  • solutions to improve microbiome immune health in animal production
  • processing technology
  • biological products to treat pests and pathogens in crop production
  • disruptive business technology and processes to bring sustainability in food supply chains
  • treatments for diseases that swine, aquaculture, cattle, poultry and wild and companion animals face that do not have solutions
  • food innovation and ingredient substitution
Our Trusted Process